The SPEED System

Today, orthodontic technology has advanced beyond conventional metal braces. In order to meet the unique needs of our patients, Coastal Carolina Orthodontics’ Jacksonville
Morehead City, and Havelock, NC offices are proud to offer new methods of orthodontic treatment in addition to traditional ones.
One example of such orthodontic innovation is the SPEED System – a form of braces offered at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics that can potentially straighten your teeth faster and with less fuss.

How Does it Work?

The SPEED System utilizes a patented self-ligating SPEED Braces clip that allows for efficient movement with light forces. SPEED Braces have a lot of benefits that traditional braces do not in terms of structure, comfort, hygiene, and esthetics.


  • To begin with, SPEED System self-ligating braces utilize nickel titanium. This type of metal allows our orthodontists to utilize the lightest forces possible while offering you strong, reliable materials that make your treatment progress with efficiency and, as the name suggests, speed. 


  • Unlike traditional braces, the SPEED System does not use elastic ties to hold wires to the braces. As a result, the braces feel more comfortable in the mouth.
  • Speed Braces are typically 1/3 smaller than traditional braces, thus increasing comfort as well.
  • Furthermore, the self-ligation also cuts down on patient discomfort by getting rid of the friction caused by other appliances. 

Hygiene & Esthetics

  • Because there are no ties/elastics to get in the way, patients have found it easier to keep SPEED System braces clean, which results in better overall hygiene during treatment.
  • In addition, because SPEED System Spring Clips are so small, they are less noticeable, which helps patients feel less self-conscious as they move through their treatment process.

The SPEED System & You

The team at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics is eager to help you achieve your perfect smile and find the orthodontic treatment that best meets your needs.
To find out if the SPEED System is right for you, or to inquire about other treatments we offer such as invisalign or Damon Clear braces, please contact our Jacksonville, Morehead City, or Havelock, NC office today. We look forward to hearing from you!