Jaw Surgery

Sometimes orthodontic treatment alone is not enough to alleviate oral issues. In these cases, Coastal Carolina Orthodontics might recommend corrective jaw surgery (or orthognathic surgery) to correct oral problems.

When it’s Necessary

If you suffer from facial bone abnormalities (specifically those pertinent to the jaws and teeth), jaw surgery may be right for you.

While orthodontic treatment such as braces can adjust for a lot of structural imbalances in your mouth, if your abnormalities cause you difficulty chewing, talking, sleeping, or engaging in other routine activities, corrective jaw surgery might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

By combining jaw surgery with other teeth-straightening treatment at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics’ Jacksonville, Morehead City, or Havelock, NC office, you could not only resolve these issues, but also improve the overall appearance of your facial profile as well.

Things to Know

  • If interested in corrective jaw surgery, the team at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics will use the latest in digital imaging technology to demonstrate the functional and aesthetic benefits the procedure could have on your mouth and your facial profile.
  • We will use computerized treatment planning beforehand to minimize your treatment times and recovery periods, while increasing the overall efficiency of your surgery.
  • State-of-the-art materials such as titanium plates and miniature screws will be utilized during the procedure to provide stability, strength, and predictability to your treatment.
  • Modern innovations in orthodontic technology and procedures will reduce your post-surgical recovery time, thus allowing you to return to your normal routines soon after surgery.

Is Jaw Surgery Right for You?

Jaw/orthognathic surgery may be unnecessary if other forms of advanced orthodontic treatment can correct your oral difficulties.

To learn whether jaw surgery is the path for you, call Coastal Carolina Orthodontics today. The talented, caring staff at our Jacksonville, Morehead City, and Havelock, NC offices would be happy to assist you, and answer your questions.