Meet Our Staff

At Coastal Carolina Orthodontics, we are a family of highly trained orthodontic specialists who believe in providing high quality treatment and compassionate care at every turn. Whether you are coming in for early treatment, adolescent treatment, or adult treatment, you are guaranteed to be in good hands. Together, we can help you reach the beautiful, more confident smile you’ve always wanted.


Amanda: Joined our family in 2007 “2007-The year I called “Home”. Not only a wonderful staff but gained a new family.”


Britta: Joined our family in 2012 “I love getting to know my patients and how we all become like a family.”


Caitlan: I’m happy to have found a job that feels like home, we work hard to make sure our patients get the same feeling starting at their very 1st visit!


Cathy: Joined our family in 1981 “I have been blessed to be part of this wonderful family and it has only gotten better over the years!”


Danielle: Joined our family in 2010 “I have been working at CCO after school since I was 16 years old. I now have the pleasure of working with my mom full-time at the greatest orthodontic office in Jacksonville and I couldn't dream of anything better.”


Danielle.D: It’s very fulfilling to work with a team of Doctors & Staff that are passionate about what they do and make it a fun environment for our patients. I truly love working with this group!


Debbie: Joined our family in 1974 “I love my job at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics because I work with the best doctors and staff around. I also love to see the TMD patients that I work with feel so much better”.


Denise: Joined our family in 1992 “Being the wife of a Marine has been hard at times because of being away from family but the staff here has become my family.


Ginger: Joined our family in 1989 “I can work part-time because at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics family comes first”.


Jadine: Joined our family in 2013: “Coastal Carolina Orthodontics is full of beautiful smiles and welcoming hearts. Always feels like home”.


Jessie: Joined our family in 2013 “Coming to work is like having a second family.”


Julia: I’ve met some amazing people and made some great friends working at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics.


Kimberly: Joined our family in 2011 “I enjoy working here because I’m around friendly, interesting people and for the great atmosphere”.


Kristin: Joined our family in 2006 “I really enjoy working at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics because it is a family atmosphere and we are so close to each other”.


Magan: Joined our family in 2005 “We have an amazing staff and wonderful doctors that create beautiful smiles everyday”.


Mandy: Joined our family in 2011 “I love getting to know our patients and their families throughout their treatment, building lasting friendships for generations to come. It really says something when our patients come back to us after they have grown and have their own children. We really do have a wonderful crew!!”


Marilyn: Joined our family in 1985 “Such an awesome feeling knowing we’re making beautiful smiles for a more confident life.”


Mary: Joined our family in 1979 “Not only has this been an awesome team to work with. They have become my second family. Many memories- We’ve shared laughter and we’ve shared tears.”


Megan: Joined our family 2010 “It’s fun to work with all the girls and I enjoy getting to know my patients”.


Michelle: Joined our family in 2010 “What a blessing to come to a job and feel like such a part of a big family, not to mention helping so many people to be able to love their smile!”


Monica: Joined our family in 2002 “It is wonderful to have a workplace were the entire staff are supportive.”


Morgan: I’m excited to be a part of a great team that takes pride in the work that we do. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the patients reaction to their final results!


Paige:I enjoy working at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics because I have met some of the most wonderful people and the atmosphere is so friendly.


Pamela: Joined our family in 1989 “Being part of such a practice like this is a true blessing”.


Rhonda: Joined our family in 1986 “Working at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics has kept me going through the years because of our staff being so family oriented and supportive”.


Robin: Joined our family in 1994 “I like my job and the wonderful people I work with”.


Sheila: Joined our family in 2010 “The Christian atmosphere that surrounds me daily is uplifting and makes a pleasant workplace.”


Shelly: Joined our family in 2013 “We are just one BIG family”.


Sherri Futrell: Joined our family in 1982 “I have the greatest bosses, the best working environment and I share in the pride for what we do here. When our patients’ braces come off, I am proud to know we all had a small part in creating their new, beautiful smile.”


Sherri: Joined our family in 1984 “We are a family! Our warm and comfortable atmosphere make patients feel at home from their 1st visit”.


Stephanie: I love coming to work every day knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life by making them feel better about their smile.


Veronica: Joined our family in 2010 “Since starting at Coastal Carolina Orthodontics I have found some of my best friends in my co-workers”.


Wanda: Joined our family in 2014 (Has 30 years of dental experience) “Coastal Carolina Orthodontics has total RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and HONESTY and on a more serious note it is enjoyable to work here”.